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aCROMTECH Ballistic Systems


ACROMTECH is a ballistic mark analysis and matching system that features:

• High matching performance
• User friendliness
• Scalability
• Network support
• Supercomputing based technology
• Capability of extracting and using 3D features,
• A efficient database that relates bullets, cartridge cases incidences and individuals

• Full control over data. No need for internet to the vendor site!
• High customer satisfaction
• First in the literature to develop a fully functional 3D ballistic evidence analysis and matching system.
• Calibers ranging from 0.22 short to 10GA shotgun.
• Single solution for both cartridge cases and bullets.

• Scalable and highly reliable Supercomputing based server system.
• Extendable infrastructure to handle millions of evidences.
• Currently holding ~1M records of archive
• Authenticated and authorized system usage.

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